Life Water Ionizer Reviews you can trust

The LIFE Ionizers M-Series have been on  the market for over a  now, and the consumers are reporting on their experience with these machines. The Life M-Series differ from LIFE’s previous 5100/7700/9100/9200 models in many ways, in fact the M-Series are totally new machines built in our new WQA and ISO Certified factory! With the new M-Series, Life also introduced 11 and 13 plate models. These new alkaline water machines are even more technologically advanced, they are more powerful than Life’s previous models, have larger plates, higher flow rates, and more extensive warranties. Below you will find information on the complete Life M-Series, so you can be familiar with these new machines. It’s important because nearly all of the LIFE Ionizer reviews you read are of older models, so you aren’t getting accurate information from them.

LIFE Ionizers M5

The LIFE M5 recently replaced the LIFE Ionizers 5100 as the company’s entry level machine. The LIFE M5 has 5 platinum coated titanium plates and can provide up to 245 watts of power – that’s more than the much higher-priced Kangen Machine! The M5 comes with LIFE’s industry-leading custom configured pre-filtration.

The M5 can reach a pH range of 5.5 to 10.3, with antioxidant strength of -500 mV ORP. This is about the same as you’d get in the $3980 Kangen machine, but it costs less than half of what the Kangen machine costs at $1,497. The M5 also comes with a better warranty, 7 years parts and labor.

Life Water Ionizer Reviews you can trust

LIFE Ionizers M7

The LIFE M7 replaces the 7700 model as LIFE’s mid range ionizer. The M7 is a big step up from the 7700 because it cranks out up to 450 Watts, so as you might expect it’s a lot more powerful. The M7 has 7 platinum coated titanium plates and can reach a pH range of 2.5 to 11 pH and can produce antioxidant strength of up to -700 mV ORP. Of course, the M7 comes with custom configured prefiltration.

The M7 is also convertible between countertop and undercounter use with LIFE’s optional faucet kit. This means you can order your ionizer set up as a countertop ionizer, and if you decide you’d like to use it as an undercounter ionizer later, you can. LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer that allows you to do this. The M7 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts, and 10 years on labor

LIFE Ionizers M9

The LIFE M9 replaces the 9100/9200 units in LIFE’s product line. The M9 has more plate surface area than the Kangen machine, and more power. As you might expect, this means the M9 can beat the Kangen machine easily when it comes to pH and ORP. The M9 has a pH range of 2.0 up to 11.5, and it’s enhanced SMPS power supply adjusts up to 504 Watts. The result of all that power and those huge plates is a high flow rate, the M9 can flow at around 5 liters per minute, which means it will fill a gallon container in less than a minute – without compromising on the strength of the water it makes.

The M9 is also convertible between countertop and undercounter use with LIFE’s faucet kit, and it comes with a full lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

LIFE Ionizers M11

The LIFE M11 is an 11 plate ionizer the first in the LIFE product line. It has huge plates, and tons of power, it can reach up to 800 watts! The result of this is that you get alkaline water at the strength and potency you want – fast. LIFE Ionizers originally designed this machine for use by health professionals, it was released to the general public later.

The LIFE M9 has a pH range of 2.0 – 12, and reaches an antioxidant strength of around -880 ORP! This is the must have machine if you’re facing tough acidity problems, or have a large family. The M11 can flow around 5 liters per minute without compromising pH and ORP strength, making it perfect for businesses and large families.

The M11 has a lifetime warranty, comes with LIFE’s custom-configured prefiltration, and is convertible between countertop and undercounter use

LIFE Ionizers M13

The new 2015 LIFE M13 is the world’s first 13 plate ionizer, and easily the world’s most powerful drinking water ionizer.  The flow rate on this machine is immense, it flows up to 6 liters per minute – more than Kangen’s commercial grade super SD-501. The M13 has a pH range of 1.7 to 12.2 and reaches an antioxidant strength of up to -900 mV ORP. This makes the M13 the most powerful ionizer in the world. With this kind of power and flow rate, you can fill a gallon container in a little over 30 seconds!

The M13 comes with everything that makes LIFE Ionizers a superior machine: Custom-configured pre-filtration, a lifetime warranty, and it’s fully convertible between countertop and undercounter use. The M13 is probably the ultimate water ionizer. There really is no other ionizer that competes with it. In fact, the M13 outperforms heavy duty commercial ionizers like the Kangen Super SD-501 easily and that machine costs  $5980.

LIFE Ionizers M-Series – the water ionizers that water ionizer review sites don’t want to review!

If you’ve been shopping around for a water ionizer, you’ve noticed that there are very few reviews of these new M-Series ionizers. And one site we saw had the wrong information. The fact is that other companies just don’t want  to compare their machines to the M-Series. You should keep this in mind when shopping, the older LIFE models don’t compare to the new M-Series. LIFE’s M-Series are truly in a class by themselves, they have more power, and greater plate surface area than other ionizers. The alkaline water you get from these machines is beyond compare too. LIFE’s custom configured pre-filtration ensures that every glass of alkaline water you drink tastes better than any other water you’ve ever tasted – they guarantee it.