4 Signs that You may be Suffering from Metabolic Acidosis

4 Signs that You may be Suffering from Metabolic Acidosis

Metabolic acidosis is a temporary condition where your blood pH drops to dangerously low levels. When your blood pH drops, your body reacts by trying to adjust your pH back up to the safe range. For people in good health, their bodies are easily capable of dealing with metabolic acidosis, but if you’re in less-than-ideal health, there are times when your body may not be able to handle the acid load that metabolic acidosis puts on it. How can you know if you’re suffering from metabolic acidosis? Check yourself for these 5 common symptoms of metabolic acidosis, if you find yourself constantly having these symptoms, talk to your doctor. It’s time to take action before your health gets worse. Metabolic acidosis, if left untreated, can be life threatening.

Constantly out of breath

When you’re feeling out of breath, it’s because your blood pH is too low. The blood has a safe pH range of 7.35 – 7.45. Anything outside of that range is dangerous! When your blood pH is at or below the bottom of that range, the hemoglobin is unable to release CO2 in the lungs, and absorb oxygen for your cells. CO2 causes your blood pH to drop. Before your blood can absorb oxygen, it must get rid of the excess CO2. That’s why you feel out of breath, your lungs can’t absorb any additional oxygen until they get rid of the excess CO2. If you are constantly short of breath, then you are suffering from respiratory acidosis.

Frequent heartburn or acid indigestion

Once your stomach breaks down food, the broken down food – called chyme – must be alkalized so that it can be absorbed in the intestines. Normally, this is not a problem; but for some people, their alkaline buffer is unable to sufficiently neutralize the acidity of the chyme from their stomachs. When that happens, excess acidity can reflux from the stomach back up into the esophagus. The result is the burning and discomfort of heartburn. If this happens regularly, it results in a condition called Gastro Intestinal Reflux (GERD). Excess acidity may also be discharged into the intestines, which results in ulcers and leaky gut syndrome.

Fatigue, headaches

Lactic acidosis makes it hard for your body to produce energy because deprives your cells of oxygen. It also interferes with brain function, since the brain “burns” the same fuel the muscles do – glucose. It’s normal to be fatigued after a workout, but if you feel fatigued all the time, accompanied by headaches, then lactic acidosis may be the culprit.

Irregular heart rhythm

An irregular heart rhythm, along with fatigue, headaches and nausea is a sign of serious trouble. If you are experiencing these symptoms, go to the hospital, your life is in danger. An irregular heart rhythm along with other symptoms of acidosis means that the body’s ability to handle lactic acid is severely compromised due to an underlying disease  such as diabetes.

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