Life Water Ionizer Reviews you can trust

The LIFE Ionizers M-Series have been on  the market for over a  now, and the consumers are reporting on their experience with these machines. The Life M-Series differ from LIFE’s previous 5100/7700/9100/9200 models in many ways, in fact the M-Series are totally new machines built in our new WQA and ISO Certified factory! With the new M-Series, Life also introduced 11 and 13 plate models. These new alkaline water machines are even more technologically advanced, they are more powerful than Life’s previous models, have larger plates, higher flow rates, and more extensive warranties. Below you will find information on the complete Life M-Series, so you can be familiar with these new machines. It’s important because nearly all of the LIFE Ionizer reviews you read are of older models, so you aren’t getting accurate information from them.

LIFE Ionizers M5

The LIFE M5 recently replaced the LIFE Ionizers 5100 as the company’s entry level machine. The LIFE M5 has 5 platinum coated titanium plates and can provide up to 245 watts of power – that’s more than the much higher-priced Kangen Machine! The M5 comes with LIFE’s industry-leading custom configured pre-filtration.

The M5 can reach a pH range of 5.5 to 10.3, with antioxidant strength of -500 mV ORP. This is about the same as you’d get in the $3980 Kangen machine, but it costs less than half of what the Kangen machine costs at $1,497. The M5 also comes with a better warranty, 7 years parts and labor.

Life Water Ionizer Reviews you can trust

LIFE Ionizers M7

The LIFE M7 replaces the 7700 model as LIFE’s mid range ionizer. The M7 is a big step up from the 7700 because it cranks out up to 450 Watts, so as you might expect it’s a lot more powerful. The M7 has 7 platinum coated titanium plates and can reach a pH range of 2.5 to 11 pH and can produce antioxidant strength of up to -700 mV ORP. Of course, the M7 comes with custom configured prefiltration.

The M7 is also convertible between countertop and undercounter use with LIFE’s optional faucet kit. This means you can order your ionizer set up as a countertop ionizer, and if you decide you’d like to use it as an undercounter ionizer later, you can. LIFE Ionizers is the only water ionizer that allows you to do this. The M7 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts, and 10 years on labor

LIFE Ionizers M9

The LIFE M9 replaces the 9100/9200 units in LIFE’s product line. The M9 has more plate surface area than the Kangen machine, and more power. As you might expect, this means the M9 can beat the Kangen machine easily when it comes to pH and ORP. The M9 has a pH range of 2.0 up to 11.5, and it’s enhanced SMPS power supply adjusts up to 504 Watts. The result of all that power and those huge plates is a high flow rate, the M9 can flow at around 5 liters per minute, which means it will fill a gallon container in less than a minute – without compromising on the strength of the water it makes.

The M9 is also convertible between countertop and undercounter use with LIFE’s faucet kit, and it comes with a full lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

LIFE Ionizers M11

The LIFE M11 is an 11 plate ionizer the first in the LIFE product line. It has huge plates, and tons of power, it can reach up to 800 watts! The result of this is that you get alkaline water at the strength and potency you want – fast. LIFE Ionizers originally designed this machine for use by health professionals, it was released to the general public later.

The LIFE M9 has a pH range of 2.0 – 12, and reaches an antioxidant strength of around -880 ORP! This is the must have machine if you’re facing tough acidity problems, or have a large family. The M11 can flow around 5 liters per minute without compromising pH and ORP strength, making it perfect for businesses and large families.

The M11 has a lifetime warranty, comes with LIFE’s custom-configured prefiltration, and is convertible between countertop and undercounter use

LIFE Ionizers M13

The new 2015 LIFE M13 is the world’s first 13 plate ionizer, and easily the world’s most powerful drinking water ionizer.  The flow rate on this machine is immense, it flows up to 6 liters per minute – more than Kangen’s commercial grade super SD-501. The M13 has a pH range of 1.7 to 12.2 and reaches an antioxidant strength of up to -900 mV ORP. This makes the M13 the most powerful ionizer in the world. With this kind of power and flow rate, you can fill a gallon container in a little over 30 seconds!

The M13 comes with everything that makes LIFE Ionizers a superior machine: Custom-configured pre-filtration, a lifetime warranty, and it’s fully convertible between countertop and undercounter use. The M13 is probably the ultimate water ionizer. There really is no other ionizer that competes with it. In fact, the M13 outperforms heavy duty commercial ionizers like the Kangen Super SD-501 easily and that machine costs  $5980.

LIFE Ionizers M-Series – the water ionizers that water ionizer review sites don’t want to review!

If you’ve been shopping around for a water ionizer, you’ve noticed that there are very few reviews of these new M-Series ionizers. And one site we saw had the wrong information. The fact is that other companies just don’t want  to compare their machines to the M-Series. You should keep this in mind when shopping, the older LIFE models don’t compare to the new M-Series. LIFE’s M-Series are truly in a class by themselves, they have more power, and greater plate surface area than other ionizers. The alkaline water you get from these machines is beyond compare too. LIFE’s custom configured pre-filtration ensures that every glass of alkaline water you drink tastes better than any other water you’ve ever tasted – they guarantee it.

Do changes in the weather cause effects on Water Ionizers?

No. Weather has no effect on a water ionizer. What does affect a water ionizer is changes in water quality, so does build up of hard water deposits inside a water ionizer. The quality of the water going into a water ionizer has a huge impact on the quality of the alkaline water coming out of the ionizer. To get the best quality of alkaline water from a water ionizer, you need to properly condition the water going into the ionizer with a pre-filter system.

How a pre-filter system improves the quality of tap water

Everyone’s water quality is different. If you live in San Francisco, you get your water from deep underground aquifers, the water is chock full of healthy minerals and needs very little treatment to condition it for a water ionizer. On the other hand, if you live in North Carolina, your tap water is so toxic that you should not drink it unless it has been treated by reverse osmosis, and then remineralized for health. The pre-filter system you need is based on your local water quality.

How to select a pre-filter system for a water ionizer

You can select the right pre-filter system for your water ionizer by identifying the contaminants in your water. If you are on a city water supply, the contaminants found in your water are listed in your local water quality report. Contact your local water authority for a copy of that report. In the report, you will find a list of contaminants that have been found in your water. You will need to select the right pre-filter(s) to remove those contaminants.

Situations where you must use reverse osmosis treatment

If you live within a mile of a hydraulic fracturing “fracking” well, you must get a reverse osmosis system. Fracking has a devastating effect on water quality, your water is full of benzene, heavy metals, and radioactive particles. The same goes if you live in coal country, your water is full of heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances. If you live anywhere  that there is coal, oil, or natural gas extraction, pipeline transportation, or processing, you should assume your water is highly toxic, and filter it with reverse osmosis.

LIFE Water Ionizers come with free pre-filter systems

Owners of LIFE water ionizers don’t need to figure out what kind of pre-filter system they need. LIFE Ionizers will do the research for you, and provide you with a free pre-filter system with the right pre-filters for your water quality. However, if you need reverse osmosis, that would be extra because reverse osmosis systems are a separate treatment option. LIFE will help you determine if your water needs the additional processing that reverse osmosis provides, and will give you a discount on the reverse osmosis system if you need it.

Pre-filtration is peace of mind

You should always run a pre-filter system with a water ionizer, it gives you peace of mind. With a properly configured pre-filter system, you can rest assured that the contaminants in your water are being taken out before they get into your water ionizer. A pre-filter system is cheap health insurance.

Alkaline Water – Why pH balance is important for Skin & Hair

Your hair and skin have an acidic pH balance of between 3 – 3.5. Your skin’s acidic pH balance is your first line of defense against infections, because it kills many invading microorganisms that would otherwise make you sick. Your skin’s acidic pH balance is called it’s acid mantle. If you upset your skin’s pH balance, you weaken your skin’s acid mantle.  Skin that is too alkaline will become dried and cracked, which then allows harmful microorganisms to invade. ( Compare Water Ionizers )


Signs that your skin’s pH balance is too alkaline

  • Redness
  • Dryness
  • Cracking
  • Itching
  • Skin infections like acne

All too frequently, people respond to skin pH imbalances by applying moisturizes to their skin, only to be disappointed with the results. What they don’t realize is that there is a chemical in their skin cleanser that is destroying their skin. Many soaps and other skin cleansers contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), which is a powerful alkali with a pH of 9 – 10. Excessive washing with products containing SLS  will upset your skin’s pH balance. Alternative products that contain gentle cleansers like shea butter will help protect your skin’s acid mantle.


If your skin is dried cracked, and irritated, try restoring it’s pH balance with an acidic water rinse. You can make acidic water with a home water ionizer, or by adding apple cider vinegar to water. Put the acidic water in a spray bottle and spritz as needed to gain relief.

Your hair also has an acidic pH balance that helps protect it against damage. PH balanced hair is naturally shiny and healthy, but most shampoos you buy in the store actually undermine healthy hair. What few people know is that many shampoos contain SLS which makes them powerful alkalis. Powerful alkalis undermine the health and strength of hair. Keep in mind that hair removal products work by using powerful alkalis to weaken your hair so it falls out!

Proper pH balance for hair can be maintained by using shampoos that don’t contain SLS. SLS is a problem for your hair because it’s way too alkaline for it. The reason alkalis weaken your hair is that the surface of a hair is actually a series of shingles. Washing your hair with an alkali causes those shingles to open, which exposes hair’s follicle to the harmful effects of sodium laureth sulfate. Healthy, pH-balanced hair doesn’t need styling products to make it manageable.

Signs that your hair’s pH balance is too alkaline

  • Split ends and breakage
  • Tangles easily
  • Looks dull and lifeless
  • Hair is hard to manage

An acidic water rise after you condition your hair helps you maintain a healthy pH balance for your hair. An acidic water rinse does two things to protect your hair, it compacts the follicles and closes them. Hair which is pH balanced hair looks naturally shiny.

hair's pH balance

Acidic water rinses are the best defense your hair and skin can get against dryness and damage. They help restore your skin’s acid mantle, and protect your hair from damage. Maintain your hair and skin’s healthy pH balance by avoiding harsh chemicals  like sodium laureth sulfate, and your hair and skin will be much healthier!

4 Signs that You may be Suffering from Metabolic Acidosis

4 Signs that You may be Suffering from Metabolic Acidosis

Metabolic acidosis is a temporary condition where your blood pH drops to dangerously low levels. When your blood pH drops, your body reacts by trying to adjust your pH back up to the safe range. For people in good health, their bodies are easily capable of dealing with metabolic acidosis, but if you’re in less-than-ideal health, there are times when your body may not be able to handle the acid load that metabolic acidosis puts on it. How can you know if you’re suffering from metabolic acidosis? Check yourself for these 5 common symptoms of metabolic acidosis, if you find yourself constantly having these symptoms, talk to your doctor. It’s time to take action before your health gets worse. Metabolic acidosis, if left untreated, can be life threatening.

Constantly out of breath

When you’re feeling out of breath, it’s because your blood pH is too low. The blood has a safe pH range of 7.35 – 7.45. Anything outside of that range is dangerous! When your blood pH is at or below the bottom of that range, the hemoglobin is unable to release CO2 in the lungs, and absorb oxygen for your cells. CO2 causes your blood pH to drop. Before your blood can absorb oxygen, it must get rid of the excess CO2. That’s why you feel out of breath, your lungs can’t absorb any additional oxygen until they get rid of the excess CO2. If you are constantly short of breath, then you are suffering from respiratory acidosis.

Frequent heartburn or acid indigestion

Once your stomach breaks down food, the broken down food – called chyme – must be alkalized so that it can be absorbed in the intestines. Normally, this is not a problem; but for some people, their alkaline buffer is unable to sufficiently neutralize the acidity of the chyme from their stomachs. When that happens, excess acidity can reflux from the stomach back up into the esophagus. The result is the burning and discomfort of heartburn. If this happens regularly, it results in a condition called Gastro Intestinal Reflux (GERD). Excess acidity may also be discharged into the intestines, which results in ulcers and leaky gut syndrome.

Fatigue, headaches

Lactic acidosis makes it hard for your body to produce energy because deprives your cells of oxygen. It also interferes with brain function, since the brain “burns” the same fuel the muscles do – glucose. It’s normal to be fatigued after a workout, but if you feel fatigued all the time, accompanied by headaches, then lactic acidosis may be the culprit.

Irregular heart rhythm

An irregular heart rhythm, along with fatigue, headaches and nausea is a sign of serious trouble. If you are experiencing these symptoms, go to the hospital, your life is in danger. An irregular heart rhythm along with other symptoms of acidosis means that the body’s ability to handle lactic acid is severely compromised due to an underlying disease  such as diabetes.

5 Essential supplements to maintain pH balance in the body

Maintaining a healthy pH balance is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do to maintain your health. Unfortunately many people discover the consequences of an acidic pH imbalance after they’re already suffering the symptoms of it. The good news is that a pH imbalance is reversible, you can shift your pH balance with the use of alkaline foods, supplements, and water.

How does a pH imbalance happen?

According to the laws of chemistry and physics, nothing is ever created or destroyed. If you spend a lifetime consuming acidic foods and beverages without balancing them out with alkaline foods and beverages, your pH balance can drop as your body accumulates acidic substances and exhausts its supply of alkaline substances. Your body is amazingly effective at counteracting acids, as long as you’re healthy. But some health problems, such as asthma or kidney disease can severely reduce the body’s ability to expel acidity.

1. Alkaline water

Mineral water isn’t so much a health supplement as it is a part of a healthy alkaline diet, but it bears mentioning because it’s a highly effective way of improving your pH balance. Alkaline water has been shown in studies to raise the pH levels of both blood and urine, and it does so very quickly. Typically, an increase in the pH of the urine can be seen within a half hour of drinking a glass of alkaline water. Alkaline water is also the best source of minerals, the body absorbs minerals from water 30% faster and easier from water than it does from food. The World Health Organization recommends you get up to 20% of your daily needs of calcium and magnesium from drinking water.

pH Balance2. Green food powders

Green food powders are highly alkalizing, they contain powdered vegetables and herb like chlorella that have health benefits beyond pH balance. A great way to add green food powders to your diet is to include them in a fruit smoothie, or mix them in with vegetable juices.

3. Calcium

Calcium stored in the bones is the body’s last line of defense against life threatening acidity. The problem with this line of defense is that it can and often does leave you with weakened bones. Food-based sources of calcium are best according to the Mayo Clinic. You can skip the milk, which is acid-forming and go for these calcium rich alkalizing vegetables:

● Spinach
● Kale
● Okra
● Collards
● Soybeans

4. Magnesium

Most people don’t get enough magnesium in their diet, often because they eat processed foods that have lost most of their magnesium content. You can take magnesium supplements, or eat more of these magnesium rich foods:

● Green leafy vegetables like spinach
● Nuts
● Beans, peas, soybeans
● Whole grain cereals

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body absorb and retain calcium and magnesium, if you plan to take either of those minerals, make sure you take Vitamin D as well. In fact, many calcium and magnesium supplements contain Vitamin D to make them easier for your body to absorb. You can also get Vitamin D by getting exposure to the sun.

Why isn’t baking soda on this list?

Baking soda is a powerful alkali, in fact doctors use it to treat patients whose bodies are too acidic. The problem with baking soda is that it supplies a lot of sodium, and most people get too much sodium from their diet in the first place. Excessive levels of sodium can and do lead to high blood pressure and heart trouble. So unless a doctor tells you to take baking soda, it’s best to avoid it.

15 Interesting Water Facts that will drive you Crazy

Water Fact 1 – Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, but only three tenths of a percent of that water is available for us to drink.

Most of the Earth’s water is saltwater, and most of the freshwater on Earth is in the form of ice, so it can’t be used for drinking. The limited supply of drinkable fresh water is only 0.3% of all the water on Earth.

Water Fact 2 – You use more water flushing the toilet once then you drink in a day.

A toilet uses a gallon of water for one flush. An average adult drinks about a half a gallon per day, half as much as it takes to flush the toilet! You can save water by not flushing the toilet when you only go #1. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow!”

Water Facts

Water Fact 3 – By the time you feel thirsty, your body has lost over 1% of it’s supply of water

Thirst isn’t a very reliable way to tell if you need to drink more water. A better test is to pinch the skin on the back of your hand about an inch back from your knuckle. It should snap back in about a half a second, if it doesn’t you’re dehydrated.

Water Fact 4 – The weight you lose when working out is from water, not fat.

You should drink enough water after working out to regain your pre-workout weight. Your body needs that water to metabolize the fat into energy. Your body burns fat more efficiently when it’s properly hydrated

Water Fact 5 – It takes twice as much water to make the plastic for a bottle of water than it takes to fill the bottle

It takes 3 bottles-worth of water to make one bottle of bottled water because it takes two bottles-worth of water just to make the plastic for the bottle. Worse yet, your body absorbs toxic chemicals from the plastic bottle that have dissolved into the water in it.

Water Fact 6 – Water is the only substance on earth found in nature in three forms: solid, liquid and gas.

Water is found as steam at natural hot springs, in liquid form everywhere, and in solid form as ice. No other substance is found in all three forms in nature

Water Fact 7 – A child dies from water borne diseases every 15 seconds

Lack of access to clean running water and sanitation facilities allows waterborne diseases to spread undeveloped areas. The rate at which children are being killed by preventable waterborne diseases is equal to one jumbo jet full of children crashing every 4 hours.


Water Fact 8 – If everyone in the US used one less gallon of water per day to shower, it would save 85 billion gallons of water per year.

A recent survey published in the LA Times reveals that Americans use twice as much water in the shower as they think they do. The average American uses 98 gallons of water per day, mostly for flushing the toilet.

Water Fact 9 – Unlike other liquids, water expands when it freezes.

The fact that water expands when it freezes is the reason ice floats. When water freezes, it’s molecules cluster together in a hexagonal form. There is a lot of open space in the hexagonal lattice of water molecules. There is more open space than there is between water molecules when water is in liquid form.

Water Fact 10 – Pure water is never found in nature

Pure water is a powerful solvent, it dissolves nearly natural substance it touches. Because of this, water in nature always has some mineral content in it from earth that dissolved into the water. Water will even absorb CO2 straight from the air!

Water Fact 11 – Water used by oil drillers for fracking can’t be purified of toxins and reused, it must be disposed of.

Oil companies that use hydraulic fracturing to extract oil and gas from the earth compete with the public for access to local water supplies. But unlike water used by the public, water used for fracking is so contaminated that it can’t be reclaimed. By contrast, water used by the public is reused by many cities to water landscape, and is even recycled into drinking water.

Water Fact 12 – Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid, including sulfuric acid.

Chemists call water “the universal solvent” because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid. In fact, if you drink pure water, it can actually dissolve minerals from the bones in your body!

Water Fact 13 – The same water that existed on the earth hundreds of years ago is still present today.

It’s true! You’ve drank the same water that Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein drank. However, rising temperatures caused by global warming will cause more of the available drinking water on Earth to evaporate and be locked away in the Earth’s atmosphere .

Water Fact 14 – If you drink your daily recommended 8 glasses of water per day from the tap, it will cost you about 50 cents per year. If you choose to drink it from water bottles, it can cost you up to $1,400 dollars.wp397

If you’re concerned about toxins in your tap water, it can be effectively filtered for about 3 cents per gallon. You could even install a water ionizer on your tap to turn your tap water into healthy alkaline water and still save enough money over the cost of bottled water to pay for the machine!

Water Fact 15 – Global sales of bottled water account for over $60-$80 billion each year.

Think about this: The average American pays over $2,000 a year for gas, and everyone complains about the price of gas. But people spend nearly as much, and average of $1,400 a year on bottled water. It should drive you crazy when you think about it. You have very few alternatives to buying gas, but the alternative to buying bottled water, which is filtering your tap water, is cheaply available. Think about how much of a difference $1,400 could make in your budget the next time you’re tempted to buy bottled water.

Drinking Water that Dinosaurs Drank? Read this Additional interesting Fact 🙂

3 Reasons why you shouldn’t take medicines with Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Ionizers Reviews
Medicine and alkaline water do not mix, or at least you shouldn’t mix them. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is absorbed faster and easier than plain water. which is beneficial for your health. But many medicines aren’t designed to be rapidly absorbed, so they shouldn’t be taken with alkaline water. The only exception is antacids, since they are intended to reduce acidity, it’s always ok to take antacids with alkaline water. Below are the main reasons you should not take medicine with alkaline water.

1. Medicines in the stomach

Medicines, like many foods, have to be broken down in the stomach by stomach acid. Alkaline water raises the stomach’s pH, which can interfere with the stomach’s digestive juices. Research from Japan shows that alkaline water raises the pH of the stomach by a pH of .5 – 1. That may not sound like a lot, but it is. The pH scale is logarithmic, so an increase of .5 -1 pH is a 5 to 10 times increase in alkalinity!

Alkaline water raises the stomach’s pH2. Absorption in the intestines

Time release medications are designed to be absorbed by the body gradually, at a fixed rate. Because alkaline water is absorbed faster than plain water, it could override the time release mechanism of many medications and cause them to be absorbed too fast.

3. Effects of alkaline water and medicines hasn’t been studied

The effect of taking medication with alkaline water hasn’t been studied. Drug companies spend years studying the effects of medications with foods, but none have tested the effects of medication with alkaline water. This is perhaps the most important reason you shouldn’t take alkaline water with medicines. Medication is designed to be taken with plain water, and you should always take medication as it’s intended to be taken.

Very Important : When to stop drinking alkaline water before taking your medication

Just like with meals, you should stop drinking alkaline water an hour before you take your medication. This will give your stomach time to reach the correct acidic pH for digestion. Wait at least one hour after taking medication before drinking alkaline water. Use the purified water setting on your water ionizer to make filtered, plain water for taking medications with.


Alkaline Water and Probiotics: Best for digestive health

There is a war happening right now in your gut. Beneficial probiotic bacteria are battling harmful bacteria for control of your digestion. Which side will win? That depends on your gut’s pH balance. Beneficial probiotic bacteria prefer an alkaline balance, harmful bacteria prefer an acidic balance

Does alkaline water and probiotics have similar effects in the human body? They’re both good for digestive health, but their effects on the body are different. Alkaline water provides the body a healthy alkaline pH balance. Probiotics help the body break down food for absorption in the intestines and fight harmful bacterias in the gut. Alkaline water and probiotics work together, they maintain and promote good digestive health because probiotics need an alkaline pH balance in the gut to survive and thrive. Alkaline water provides that healthy pH balance.

Alkaline Water and Probiotics

How Probiotics work

Probiotics break down foodstuff in the intestines into nutrients that the body can absorb. They also maintain the integrity of the lining of the intestines by preventing harmful bacteria from attacking it. Probiotics are also believed to improve the immune system by providing a friendly challenge to it that keeps the immune system strong.

How alkaline water works

Probiotic bacteria reproduce and thrive in the intestines when the intestines have an alkaline pH balance, and a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Alkaline water from a water ionizer provides that negative ORP and pH balance that helps probiotic bacteria thrive. By drinking alkaline water, you “tip the scales” in favor of probiotic bacteria. A study, called Selective stimulation of the growth of anaerobic microflora in the human intestinal tract by electrolyzed reducing water suggested that the primary health benefit of alkaline water is that it’s negative ORP supports beneficial bacteria in the gut. Alkaline water from a water ionizer has the highest negative ORP of all types of alkaline water, and is the healthiest kind of alkaline water you can drink.

How to drink alkaline water for digestive health

Drink alkaline water on an empty stomach, this prevents your stomach acid from interfering with it. You can take probiotic supplements with alkaline water to help protect them from stomach acidity. Drink alkaline water between meals to maintain a healthy alkaline pH balance in your gut. By drinking alkaline water daily, you will be helping probiotic bacteria win their war against harmful bacteria in your gut.